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Price List: The prices shown in the tables above are for one or two years (.gr) domain registrations. The general prices are as follows:

.COM Company Domains 9.95/year
.NET Network Domains 10.45/year
.ORG Organisation Domains 10.45/year
.BIZ Business Domains 10.95/year
.INFO Information Domains 9.95/year
.NAME Names Domains 9.85/year
.US US Domains 12/year
  2 years registration 12/year 24/2years
  5 years registration 11/year 55/5years
  10 years registration 10/year 100/10years
.MOBI MOBI Domains 22/year
.EU Europian Union Domains 22/year
  2 years registration 18/year 36/2years
.GR Greek Domains 28/2years
.CA Canada Domains 22/year
.US US Domains 14/year
.UK UK Domains .CO.UK 9.95/year
.CN China Domains 12/year
.IN India Domains 28/year
.JP Japan Domains 160/year
.AG Antigua & Barbuda Domains 120/year
.AM Armenia Domains 120/year
.AT Austrian Domains 90/year
.BE Belgian Domains 32/year
.CC CC Domains 36/year
.CH Switzerland Domains 22/year
.DE Germany Domains 32/year
.FM FM Domains 120/year
.HK Hong Kong Domains 38/year
.IT Italy Domains 38/year
.LI Liechtenstein Domains 22/years
.MS Montserrat Domains 65/years
.NL Nederlands Domains 32/year
.NU NU Domains 38/year
.NZ New Zealand Domains 65/year
.SC Seychelles Domains 120/year
.TC Turks and Caicos islands Domains 65/year
.TV TV Domains 38/year
.TW Taiwan Domains 44/year
.VG British Virgin islands Domains 65/year
.WS Western Samoa Domains 26/year

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